How to make a reservation for

  1. STEP1
    Please make a reservation with the reservation form the day before.
    (Girls need to prepare for.)
  2. STEP2
    Please peruse the “How to make a confirmation call”.
  3. STEP3
    Please make a phone call to the shop.
    (Your reservation is not confirmed until you have telephoned us.)

Making a reservation with Delivery Health and telephone instructions

When you have decided on a store, please contact it by email.
Then make a phone call to the store after sending your mail. (at least 2 hours in advance on the day of appointment)

◆This is an example conversation of a telephone call to the shop.

  • Blue is the customer
  • Red is the shop

Please read the blue parts in Japanese when on the phone.
The shop staff will read the red parts in Japanese.

1. Your name -- あなたの名前を伝えます

Watashi no namae wa “Michael”(for example) desu. “JAPAN-ESCORT.NET” mimashita. My name is “Michael”(for example) I saw it on JAPAN-ESCORT.NET.

2. Sending a mail -- お店がメールを送ったかを尋ねます

はい、メールを送りましたか? Have you sent the mail?

Hai. Yes.I have.

3. Confirming the mail -- お店があなたのメールを確認します

確認します。 I Confirmed we have received the mail.

If all has been confirmed, please skip to step 8.
4. If the mail has not been received -- メールが届いていないor不備がある場合

ジャパンエスコートネットを見て、メールを下さい。 Please look at the “mail” section of the JAPAN-ESCORT.NET website.

5. When you can speak a little Japanese and you understand the shops system --

When you have decided which girl you want to spend time with, please state the date, time, girl and “course”.

(e.g.) Ashita no Nine p.m.,“YUKO” de “A course” wo onegai shimasu. (e.g.) At 9 p.m. tomorrow, in (a certain place), I want to play “A course” with the girl “YUKO”.

6. If you want to play with a girl at the hotel where you stay or in your home. --

Please state the name (area) of the hotel where you are staying, the room number and your name. In the case of a home visit, please give your address .

Hotel wa Shinjuku no “Washington hotel(e.g.)”, Room number 1-1-1-7,namae wa “Michael(e.g.)” desu. The Washington hotel in Shinjuku, Room number 1-1-1-7, my name is Michael.

7. Your cell phone number -- 携帯電話(ホテル電話)の番号を伝えます

携帯番号を教えて下さい。 Please tell us your cell phone number.

「0-9-0 1-2-3-4 5-6-7-8」

8. The end of mail confirmation -- メールを確認できた場合

OK. *Denotes that all has been confirmed, and you can continue to step 9.

◆ Please choose one of them.


Staying at a hotel on business宿泊ホテルに女の子が行く場合

9. Confirmation telephone -- お店からの確認の電話を掛けます

あなたの部屋に確認の電話をします。それではまた。 We will make a phone call to your hotel room for confirmation. Goodbye.

10. Room confirmation -- ホテルの部屋への確認電話

(例)“マイケルさん”ですか? Is that Mr. “Michael(e.g.)”?

Hai. Yes.

11. Agreement on time -- 約束の時間の確認

希望の女の子が 9:30 p.m. にあなたの部屋に行きます。それでは。 The girl you have booked will come to your room at 9:30 p.m. Goodbye.

If there is no problem, you can continue to step 14.
If the time is changed, please go to step 12.
12. To change the time -- 時間の変更をする場合

Nine-fifteen p.m. ni shite kudasai. Please can we change the time to 9:15.

13. If you fail to book a girl you like most -- 希望の女の子が予約できない場合

希望の女の子は予約でいっぱいです。別の可愛い女の子が行きます。 The girl you asked for is fully booked. Another one of our cute girls go. (We will send another one of our cute girls.)

14. Agreement -- 予約の完了



If the girl cannot go to your room女の子が部屋に行けない場合

9. At a specified “Love hotel” (taxi pick-up) -- 指定のラブホテルにタクシーで向かう場合

あなたの部屋には女の子が行けません。近くの(例)“ラブホテルFINE” へ行って下さい。
タクシーで“9 p.m.” に迎えに行きます。
The girl cannot go to your room. Please go to the nearby “Love hotel FINE(e.g.)”.
We will send A taxi will pick you up at 9 p.m.

10. This store will dispatch a car to pick you up. -- お店の車で送迎の場合

こちらの送迎車が“9 p.m.” に迎えに行きます。 We will send one of our cars to pick you up at 9pm.

11. Both parties have agreed on a symbolic place that they both know. --

(例)“六本木ヒルズ”分かりますか? Do you know where “ROPPONGI HILLS(e.g.)” is?

“ROPPONGI HILLS(e.g.)”wakarimasu. / Wakarimasen. Yes, I know where “ROPPONGI HILLS(e.g.)” is. / No. I don’t know.

12. To know the venue agreed upon -- 待ち合わせ場所がわかった場合



9 p.m. に行きます。 I will be there at 9 p.m.

13. To change the time. -- 時間の変更をする場合

Nine-fifteen p.m. ni shite kudasai. Please can we change the time to 9:15

14. The color of your wears (agreed) -- あなたの服の色を伝える[待ち合わせの場合]

(e.g.)Huku wa “glay” pantsu wa “blue” desu. I'm wearing a gray jacket and blue pants.

15. The color of the girl’s wears (agreed) -- 女の子の服の色を伝えます

(例)服は “red” スカートは “black” です。 (e.g.) She's wearing a red jacket and a black skirt.

16. Agreement -- 予約の完了