How to make a reservation for

  1. STEP1
    Please make a reservation with the reservation form the day before.
    (Girls need to prepare for.)
  2. STEP2
    Please peruse the “How to make a confirmation call”.
  3. STEP3
    Please make a phone call to the shop.
    (Your reservation is not confirmed until you have telephoned us.)

Reservation form / 预约表格

Please input your information. / 请填写你的个人资料
Please input in english. / 请用英文填写
* must be complete / 输入必需

At our location Cream Lemon (Soapland)(くりぃむれもん)

Name / 姓名 *
Mobile phone or contact info / 手机或联系信息 *
Email address / 电子邮件地址 *
Nationality / 国籍 *
Ethnicity / 种族
Confirmation day / 预约日期 *
Confirmation time / 预约时间 *
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Number of people / 人数 *
Time Course / 服务内容

ex) 60min

Desired type of girl / 希望的女性形象

ex) big breasts, slim

Name of hoping girl / 希望指名的女性

Please leave it to the shop after asking hope. / 请听希望之后委托给店

please read the shop detail, notes and the prohibited matters are understood. The violate act promises the thing not done. Moreover, even any trouble to be involved in the shop, "" will not take any responsibility.


Agreement / 同意